To inspire your students, you must first be inspired

Our Vision

We believe that professional learning should leave you inspired. Not tired.

That’s why we bring primary and secondary teachers together in a welcoming and thought-provoking environment.

At our events, you will step into the shoes of students to explore fun and fascinating maths problems. You’ll also connect with like-minded teachers and share ideas for the classroom.

We’re details oriented. We want every event we run to be an incredible experience so that you will get excited again about teaching maths.

The Maths Teacher Circles approach to professional learning

1. Maths problem solving is at the heart

We make time for you to actually do and experience mathematical problem solving. The problems we look at can be puzzles or games, about fascinating mathematical principles or real-world applications.

2. Tasks are low-floor, high-ceiling

We bring together people of all mathematical backgrounds, capabilities and confidence. Presenters use interesting and widely accessible problems. Presenters choose tasks that:

3. Time is made for teaching reflections

During a session, time is spent exploring maths problems together. Time is also allocated for thinking about how to adapt and run each task with students. For example:

“I come back for new perspectives on maths problems and teaching.”


4. Attendance is opt-in

Our intention is that sessions will be enjoyable for everyone who attends. We want you to join us because you’re curious about maths and teaching. Opt-in attendance means you have the choice over how you are spending your time learning.

“It’s an amazing, safe space”​


5. Sessions run regularly

By returning to Maths Teacher Circles sessions regularly, you will:

“It’s the best thing I’ve done professionally this year!”


Our History

Maths Teacher Circles are a celebrated model of professional development that was launched in Australia in 2020.

Over 1,000 teachers, academics and other maths enthusiasts from across Australia and overseas have now come together to enjoy maths and to learn from one another.

First formed in Russia and Bulgaria in the 1900s, they were designed as a form of collaborative and non-competitive mathematical enrichment for students.

Today, Maths Teacher Circles continues this tradition by bringing primary and secondary teachers together to explore great maths problems and share ideas about teaching.

Behind the scenes

Michaela Epstein

Founder & Director

Michaela is a maths educator who is deeply committed to sharing great maths ideas with others.

After searching for ways to make professional learning more meaningful, she founded Maths Teacher Circles in Australia.

Michaela is also a past president of the Mathematical Association of Victoria, has taught at schools in rural and urban areas and now works closely with teachers throughout Australia.

Michaela developed a curiosity for maths from her grand-mother. She now has the privilege of sharing this love of learning with her young daughter.