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Maths Teacher Circles are a unique approach to professional learning.

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What to expect

Get trusted tasks for the classroom

Hear from experienced presenters

Connect with like-minded others

Your professional learning plan

1. Secure your place in 2022.

Challenge yourself at 4 sessions across the year.

2. Learn with and from others.

Be part of a maths community that loves sharing ideas.

3. Get reinvigorated.

Leave each session with powerful and practical ideas.

Why others attend Maths Teacher Circles

A successful global model

Maths Teacher Circles are a celebrated model of professional development that was launched in Australia in 2020. It has been running in the U.S. for close to 20 years, with a rich history that goes back even further.

Maths Circles were first formed in Russia and Bulgaria in the 1900s as a form of collaborative and non-competitive mathematical enrichment for students.

Get involved today to experience this successful global model.

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