Be part of Australia’s first Maths Teacher Circles.

Join us in 2022, from wherever you are, for online Maths Teacher Circles sessions!
In each practical and interactive session, dive into thought-provoking and accessible maths problems and discuss their implications for classroom practice.

Bringing teachers, mathematicians and other maths lovers together

Are you a teacher or maths enthusiast who…. 

  • enjoys doing and being challenged by maths?
  • is after strategies to help students become better maths problem solvers?
  • wants to learn more about maths and maths teaching?
  • is keen to build meaningful connections and join a like-minded community?

Maths Teacher Circles are professional learning communities. We bring people together to actively do and discuss maths problems on a regular basis.

Kick-off for Australia's first Maths Teacher Circles began in Melbourne in January 2020, with over 50 teachers and mathematicians coming together over two days. Throughout the school year, local Circles host after-school sessions drawing on a range of facilitators and themes. Online sessions are also run on a regular basis. These are open to anyone, wherever they are in the world.

A successful global model

For the first time, Maths Teacher Circles have come to Australia. This celebrated model of professional development has been in the U.S. for close to 20 years and has a rich history that extends back even further. Maths Circles were first formed in Russia and Bulgaria in the 1900s as a form of collaborative and non-competitive mathematical enrichment for students.