Tailored Maths Professional Learning for Your Staff

Maths professional learning

Looking for maths professional learning, designed specially for your staff?

Whether you’re a primary or secondary school, are looking for support for your whole team or for select staff, we will work with you.

We design customised maths professional learning sessions based on your teachers’ needs and priorities. We are available and fully equipped for in-person or remote workshops.

Workshop topics can include:

  • Structuring a maths program effectively
  • Embedding the maths proficiencies
    • developing maths problem solving strategies for all students
    • building students' skills in mathematical reasoning 
    • developing conceptual understanding and fluency
  • Effective differentiation in maths 
  • Choosing appropriate maths tasks and resources
  • Developing number sense 
  • Creating meaningful contexts for engaging students in maths
  • Teaching maths through authentic, community-based projects
  • Co-designing maths learning experiences with young learners
  • Supporting low literacy learners in maths 
  • Upskilling out-of-field teachers in maths.

Our professional learning sessions are designed to be practical. Your staff will get the tools and techniques needed to build skills and confidence for the long-term.

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How our maths professional learning workshops and services are structured

We offer the following types of workshops:

  • In-person workshops: half a day to a full day in length, and led by one of our experienced consultants
  • Remote workshops: an interactive session of up to 2.5 hours that is led by one of our experienced consultants
  • Facilitator notes and materials for you to run a workshop in your own time.

We also provide consulting services that can be used in conjunction with workshops or on an as-needed basis. Services include:

  • Reviewing and advising on maths programs, materials and assessment tasks
  • Developing maths strategic plans
  • Leadership coaching and development.

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What you can expect

A memorable professional learning experience. We understand that teachers have a lot to think about. We also know that teaching maths can be complex and daunting. Our workshops are designed to provoke curiosity in a warm environment for exploring new ideas.

Workshops feature:

  • practical and interactive sessions, including participating in activities that can then be taken back to the classroom
  • a focus on best practice in the structure and delivery of mathematical tasks and routines
  • opportunities to ask questions, test ideas and build confidence and excitement about teaching maths
  • time for individual reflection and planning of next steps.

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Who we work with

  • Primary and secondary teachers
  • Whole teams
  • Small groups (e.g. graduate teachers, out-of-field teachers, Year 8 teachers)
  • Individuals (e.g. a Head of Department)

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