Maths Teacher Circles are all about getting together with others who enjoy doing and being challenged by maths. We hope to see you at an event soon!

Do maths and talk teaching with Maths Teacher Circles

Maths Teacher Circles Virtual Sessions 2021

Join us in 2021, from wherever you are, to do maths and talk teaching.

Table filled with cuisenaire rods

Use Maths Manipulatives with All Ages

Join us online as we explore great maths tasks for learners of all ages, using powerful maths manipulatives.

Virtual pattern block manipulatives being used for maths problem solving

Bring the Maths Proficiencies to Life

Dive into all four maths proficiencies – reasoning, problem solving, fluency and understanding – at this virtual session.

Maths professional learning

Tailored Professional Learning for Your Staff

If you’re a primary or secondary school, are after whole team support or for select staff, we will work with you.